Nixieworks is a custom softgoods gear shop based in Longmont, Colorado. We've been making our own gear since about 2018, but decided to start selling gear in 2020 to address what we saw as an unaddressed niche in the gear industry.

All of our gear is made in the USA, and specifically in-house, here in Longmont. All gear is measured and cut professionally, and sewn on industrial sewing machines. We try to use made in USA, berry compliant materials and hardware whenever possible, with a few small exceptions (if you'd like to know more about our berry compliance or our materials, feel free to contact us).

We are proud to offer equipment that is lightweight, but robust in quality. Our background is in both the tactical and the civilian ultralight side of gear, and our mission is to take the best of both those fields to create truly high-performance gear. Whether you're a light infantry operator or a back country hiker, we hope to provide you with the tools you need to go further, faster, and lighter.



I will be away on a trip from Tuesday, Nov 22 until Friday, Dec 2. All orders received BEFORE noontime MST on Friday, Nov 18 will ship as normal. Orders placed after that time will ship on or after Dec 9. I may also be a bit slow to reply to emails. I apologize for any inconvenience, and I thank you for your understanding!