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1" x 1" section of luminescent tape, glued and sewn onto a black velcro tape backing. One of these is included with each Lightfighter Rig. Attach to clothing or gear to find your buddies, follow your pointman, find your stashed ruck, or facilitate IFF in the dark. Think of it as an updated version of the USGI "cat eye" helmet band. Sold individually.


Attaches to any loop (AKA "soft side") velcro surface. For maximum effect, hold in front of a bright light for several seconds before use.


NOTE: because this material is kind of finnicky, and the glow squares are very small, minor aesthetic defects such as crooked stitch lines and slight undersizing/oversizing may be present. I promise you that they will glow fine, and none of your buddies will care how they look. See product photos to understand what I mean.

Glow Squares

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