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Lightfighter Rig - 3 Color Desert, With Pouches, Size 34-36

  • Ships in 2-3 Business Days

    Read more about the Lightfighter Rig in this blog post

    Lightfighter Rig FAQ is available in this blog post

    Our flagship product. A lightweight load-bearing harness that combines a large integrated lumbar pack, a wide padded MOLLE/PALS belt, and a unique six-point suspender harness to carry your 2nd and 3rd line equipment with enough mobility that you won't need to ditch anything during an emergency.

    This rig and matching pouch set is in the US military's "Desert Camouflage Uniform" or "3-Color Desert" pattern. It was sewn as a one-off by me personally and we do not currently have plans to release this as a standard item. When it's gone, it's gone.

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