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The Lightfighter Rig FAQ

Updated: Apr 25

Lately I've been getting some common questions about the Lightfighter Rig regarding things like sizing and compatibility, so I figured I'd put all the answers in one place. This post will be updated as information becomes more refined.

What size should I choose when purchasing a Lightfighter Rig?

I recommend that users order the same size as the pants they normally wear, and that seems to work well.

It's that simple. That is all the knowledge I have for you concerning this subject. So don't email or DM me asking what size you should get, because I'm not going to reply.

How adjustable is the Lightfighter Rig to accommodate changes in waist measurement or heavy clothing?

The belt on the LFR is designed to adjust from two inches smaller than your specified waist size, all the way up to 20+ inches above your specified waist size, to accommodate any sort of armor or cold weather clothing. The suspension system on the LFR is one size fits all, and should adjust to fit any human proportions.

What is the difference between the sizes of Lightfighter Rig?

Essentially, different sizes of LFR have different lengths of padded belt wings, with correspondingly different amounts of PALS webbing on them. This is to allow the user the maximum amount of PALS real estate based on their waist size. The sizes are in three inch increments, because two channels of PALS webbing (one per belt wing) are three inches wide. The breakdown of waist sizes and number of PALS channels is as follows:

What pouches should I put on my Lightfighter Rig?

The LFR can accept any PALS / MOLLE pouch you can fit on it, but here at Nixieworks we produce and sell our own line of pouches designed specifically for the Lightfighter Rig. Using a combination of our 3WIDE Classic GP Pouch, our 2WIDE Classic GP Pouch, and our Triple 5.56 Mag Pouch, you can optimally utilize all the PALS channels on any LFR, of any size. Here are our recommendations on pouch setup:

Can't I save money by buying the buttpack and suspenders separately?

For those looking to build a custom belt kit, we offer LFR suspenders, and a version of the LFR buttpack that is backed with PALS. However, I recommend AGAINST doing this. Part of the reason a Lightfighter Rig is so comfortable and stable is because the buttpack is sewn directly into the belt wings. Tightening our PALS buttpack onto your existing belt can get it decently stable, but it will never be as stable as if it were sewn in, like on an LFR. An LFR will always have a more comfortable ride than a traditional belt kit that uses a detachable buttpack. That's why I designed it that way. So for anyone just looking to save money by buying the buttpack and suspenders and attaching it to an existing belt, I recommend you just get a Lightfighter Rig instead.

Can I get X modification to my Lightfighter Rig?

No, I'm afraid not. In the early days, when each rig was made one by one, I could accommodate mods. But now rigs are made in batches, meaning that your rig is already mostly built when you order, meaning that it's too late to modify it. If you'd like to commission an entire batch of modded rigs (minimum quantity: 10 pieces) then please send an email to .

Is the Lightfighter Rig compatible with body armor?

I personally have worn my LFR with my own slick plate carrier (Ferro Concepts Slickster) and found that it worked great. I assume it will also work well with soft body armor, and will test with my own soft body armor soon. What I have NOT yet tried is armor with side plates, because I don't currently have any to test with, or plate carriers with a bunch of MOLLE pouches attached, because it seems redundant and the LFR generally doesn't play well when worn over other load bearing equipment (see next question below). So generally, if running armor with the LFR, I recommend either soft body armor or a slick, low profile plate carrier without side plates.

Is the Lightfighter Rig compatible with chest rigs / vests?

Tl;dr maybe, with micro rigs

Chest rig compatibility is neither intended nor guaranteed. The LFR is supposed to be a replacement for your 2nd and 3rd line, not a supplement for it. The idea is that whatever you were carrying in your chest rig, you now can instead carry on the belt wings of the LFR. I'm a skinny guy, and I can carry 6+1 mags on my LFR. My advice is that the LFR only works well with micro chest rigs, and that you're generally better off moving your chest rig contents to the belt wings.

WITH THAT SAID, here is a list of rigs people have reported work well with the LFR, though I make no guarantees about compatibility:

  • Hill People Gear Kit Bag (as discussed in my blog post here, and pictured below)

  • Haley Strategic D3CRM Micro Chest Rig

  • Spiritus Micro Fight Chasis

various types of HPG Kit Bag being worn simultaneously with an LFR

Is the Lightfighter Rig compatible with rucksacks / backpacks?

Tl;dr again maybe, for small, short backpacks worn high on the back

It will NOT fit with most huge military rucks that need a waist belt. Ruck compatibility is neither intended nor guaranteed. The LFR is supposed to be a replacement for your 2nd and 3rd line, not a supplement for it. Better to move your 3rd line gear to the buttpack and belt wings. I can tell you that I've personally tried wearing the LFR with a USMC FILBE and a Mystery Ranch SATL and neither work. The LFR's buttpack is larger than most other designs in order to accommodate all your sleep gear, but that also means that it sticks up higher on your back, well into the space that most rucksacks are supposed to ride in.

WITH THAT SAID, here is a list of rigs people have reported work well with the LFR, though I make no guarantees about compatibility:

  • British MTP 20L Patrol Pack (pictured below)

  • USGI Medium ALICE Pack

  • USGI MOLLE II Assault Pack

  • USGI Pack, Patrol, Combat (the woodland one, part of the CFP-90 system)

  • Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault Pack

  • Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault Pack

  • Swiss M90 Rucksack

  • Czech M60 Rucksack

  • Soviet RD-54 Rucksack, and its derivatives

  • Dutch Landmacht Assault Pack

  • Hidden Woodsman Haversack

  • Savotta Jaakari S Pack

LFR worn in conjunction with the British MTP 20L patrol pack

As always, if you have a question not answered here, please reach out to me through DMs at or and I will get you the info you need.

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This is a much needed blog update, the picture with 20L pack really shows the size of the buttpack. Thank you for the well thought-out post and pictures, Godspeed sir.

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